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Volcanoes and inhospitable territories

Destinations to visit: Valle Hermoso, Avión de los Uruguayos, Lago Aluminé Glaciar Azufre and Laguna de Maule.



We will fly over the arid mountains of Valle Hermoso and arrive at the Azufre Glacier to appreciate one of the stratovolcanoes.


We will continue our journey to the area of the Andes tragedy, the plane of the Uruguayans.


On the Chilean side we will visit the Maule Lagoon and the Lanin Volcano, to conclude our adventure with lunch at the Aluminé Lake.

Full Day
San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.

San Rafael, San Rafael, Mendoza.
Destinations to travel to:

We will fly over exceptional destinations in Argentina and Chile (mountains, lakes, volcanoes, forests).

Plane of the Uruguayans: We will fly over the area where the remains of the tragedy of the Andes are located, which carried a group of young Uruguayans and which was one of the most famous survival stories in history. Valle Hermoso: We will fly over the arid mountains that form part of the pre-mountain range and create colourful valleys crossed by rivers and vineyards. Azufre Glacier: we will arrive at one of the stratovolcanoes of the mountain range at an altitude of more than 4000 metres to appreciate this incredible natural site. Laguna de Maule: already on the Chilean side, we will visit a turquoise lagoon formed by glacial processes on volcanic lands. Aluminé Lake: of glacial origin located in the province of Neuquén, Argentina, it is the northernmost of the lakes of the region called the Andean Patagonian forest. Lanín Volcano: With a height of 3776 metres, this mecca for many climbers is a stratovolcano considered active, located in the south of Chile and Argentina. And a beauty to see from the air.

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    The base for operations is located in the wine region of San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina

    San Rafael Mendoza Argentina