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Mountains, dunes and salt flats, the Dakar's stage

Destinations to be visited: Los Reyunos, Valle Grande, Cañon del Atuel, Lago el Nihuil, Salinas del Diamante



We will fly over the arid mountains of Valle Grande, Cañón del Atuel and over Lake Nihuil.


Time to make a stop and continue the adventure on land by 4x4 in the Nihuil Dunes, followed by lunch with our famous barbecue. 


We continue our adventure exploring the Salinas del Diamante and the beautiful water mirror of Los Reyunos.

Full Day

San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.
San Rafael, San Rafael, Mendoza.
Destinations to travel to:

We will fly over beautiful natural landscapes of San Rafael. (mountains, rivers, lakes and dunes).

Valle Grande: we will fly over the arid mountains to reach one of the most important reservoirs in the province, and an important tourist destination.
Cañon del atuel: a river between mountains with walls of more than 100 metres that form an impressive canyon, famous for being a rafting and adventure destination. Lake Nihuil: Imagine flying a mirror of water between mountains. Immense, crystalline and versatile, this majestic lake whose waters are splashed with the colours of sails when windsurfing and kitesurfing lovers.
Dunes: Time to make a stop and continue the adventure on land: we will explore the nihuil dunes in 4×4. Salinas del diamante: a salt lagoon that evaporated thousands of years ago forming a salt desert. A white plain that is very striking from the sky. Los Reyunos: this reservoir is also one of the most visited in Mendoza and where we will make an epic overflight!

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    The base for operations is located in the wine region of San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina

    San Rafael Mendoza Argentina