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Los Andes from Above

Some destinations to visit: Valle Hermoso, Los Reyunos, Valle Grande, Uruguayan plane, Las leñas, and Valle Uco.



Mendoza (DOP)  >  Lake Nihuil


Lake Nihuil  >  San Rafael (LAR)


San Rafael (LAR)  >  Mendoza (DOP)

Route details:

Your day tour experience will include the overflight of the beautiful Valle Uco (one of the most important wine production regions of Mendoza, Argentina).

You will enter the Andes mountain range, one of the highest areas of the Andes in the province of Mendoza including Volcán Maípu, Laguna Diamante, El Sosneado, the Uruguayan crash site from the year 1972 (known also from the movie “Alive”), Valle Hermoso and Las Leñas (one of the most important ski resorts of South America).

After that you will fly over the Salinas (Salt lakes) and experience a water landing in Nihuil Lake followed by a breathtaking overflight of Atuel cañon, Valle Grande, los Reyunos and the Mendoza estepa.

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    The base for operations is located in the wine region of San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina

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