We create aerial day excursions so you may explore Argentina's wonders from the skies and have one-of-a-kind experiences in natural areas, complete with luxury activities and services.



Volcanoes and inhospitable

Duration: Full day

Destinations: Avión de los Uruguayos, Valle Hermoso, Azufre Glacier, Maule Lagoon, Aluminé Lake and Lanín Volcano.

Mountains, salt flats and dunes.

Duration: Full day

Destinations: Valle Grande, Cañon del Atuel, Lago Nihuil, Dunas y Los Reyunos


Points of interest:
Explore Mendoza from the air with an exciting aerial tour. The peaceful splendor of the vineyards and mountain vistas in the Andes Mountains may be seen from Chacras de Coria to Uco Valley. Fly over Laguna del Diamante and take in the beauty of the Maipo Volcano. Discover the enchantment of Valle Hermoso and Las Leñas, as well as the majesty of Cerro Nevado. Continue your journey to El Nihuil, where you may explore the salt flats and dunes, which will transport you to another universe. Admire the spectacular splendor of Atuel Canyon and Valle Grande, where rock formations and a meandering river create a dreamy scene. Finally, visit Los Reyunos and Agua del Toro, where water and nature coexist in perfect harmony. Prepare for an airborne journey filled with spectacular discoveries.

•3-hour private seaplane flight: Take off on an exhilarating flying adventure in a private seaplane. Fly freely over stunning landscapes while marveling at the panoramic vistas from above.
•Experience the thrill of landing and taking off in the water with our exclusive seaplane experience. Immerse yourself in the sensation of lightly touching the water while exploring new areas and admiring nature's beauty from a new perspective.
•Lunch pairing with Susana Balbo wines: Enjoy a lunch that will tantalize your senses. Each meal will be meticulously prepared to suit Susana Balbo's outstanding wines, resulting in a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable dining experience.

Itineraries, activities and accommodations are subject to weather conditions and availability. Tailor-made services