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Argentinean and Chilean Patagonia

Overflying and discovering both parts of Patagonia in Argentina and Chile with the most beautiful landscapes.



Mendoza (DOP)  >  Lake Pulmarí


Lake Pulmarí  >  Lake Lezama


Lake Lezama  >  Lake La Plata


 Lake La Plata  >  Lake del Desierto


Lake del Desierto  >  El Calafate


El Calafate  >  Puerto Natales


Puerto Natales  >  Torres del Paine


Torres del Paine  >  Lake Bertrand (National Park Laguna San Rafael)


 Lake Bertrand (National Park Laguna San Rafael)  >  Puyuhuapi Queulat National Park


Puyuhuapi Queulat National Park  >  Lake Petrohue


Lake Petrohue  >  Lake Villarrica


Lake Villarrica  >  Pucón


Pucón  >  Mendoza (DOP)

11 nights
Manaus, Manaus, Brazil.

Completion: San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina
Destinations to travel to:
We will visit 4 countries, travelling through the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon, colonial cities and wonders of the world, and we will finish in the Calchaquí Valleys and the Argentinean Andes.
the shortest journey time is 1:08hs and the longest is 4:05hs.

Route details:

You will fly over more than 1000 km of the Andes Mountains on the border between Chile and Argentina. Your exceptional flight experience will cover Valle Uco (one of the most important wine production regions of Mendoza, Argentina), Volcano Maípu, Laguna diamante, El Sosneado, the Uruguayan crash site from the year 1972 (known also from the movie “Alive”), Valle Hermoso, Las Leñas (one of the most important ski resorts of South America), Volcàn Peteroa, Laguna del Maule, Laguna Fea, Laguna Varvarco, Domuyo Volcán (the highest volcano between Mendoza and Ushuaya), Cordillera del Viento and Volcán Chillàn. From there you will see eight volcanoes at a glance including Volcàn Antuco, Volcàn Copahue, Volcàn Callaqui, Volcàn Lonquimay, Llaima, Sollipulli, Volcàn Villarica and Volcàn Lanin. Followed by several ice age lakes such as Lago Tromen, Lago Moquehe, Lago Aluminé, Lago Huechulafquen, Lago Lolog. You will overfly the seven lakes route (worldwide known for its matchless beauty and its attractive panoramic views) close to Bariloche. A breathtaking low-level flight over Mount Tronador glacier will bring you to Hidden Lake, Lago Puelo, Lago Cholila and Lake Lezama.
After departing eastbound to Fontana Lake you will turn southbound and fly over classic Patagonian steppe to Carreras / Buenos Aires Lakes joint Argentina Chile border then to Pueyrredon / Posadas Lakes joint to Perito Moreno National Park to De Sangra Hills to San Martin Lake / O’Higgins Lake Chile and Argentina border joint Lakes. From there, you will depart from Lago del Desierto southbound to Fitz Roy Mount Upsala Glacier, Brazo Norte Argentino Lake to fly over famous Perito Moreno Glacier in the National Park Los Glaciares to Brazo Sur Argentino Lake and De los Tempanos channel to land at El Calafate airport.

You will continue in El Calafate to Puerto Natales for custom and then from Puerto Natales, to Balmaceda Hill and surrounding Torres del Paine Mount. Landing at Pehoe or Sarmiento or at El Toro Lake. From Torres del Paine National Park you will fly northbound over almost 300 km of the famous south icefield glaciers (Campo de Hielo Sur) and snowy mountains, including Calvo Fjord, Europe Fjord, Darwin Mountains, Penguin Fjord, Mariano Moreno range, Lautaro Volcano, Falcon Fjord, Eyre Fjord, Tempano Fjord, O’Higgins Mount, then Calen Fjord, to Pared Norte Hills (14600Ft), De Penas Gulf, San Rafael lagoon, San Rafael National Park and San Quintin snowdrift, landing in Bertrand Lake. Then you will fly to the north to (13400FT ) San Valentin Mount, Ice Fields (Campo de Hielo North), Glaciers, Elephants Estuary and gulf, Fjord Quitralco, Aysen Fjord abeam Puerto Aysen City, mount Cay, Mount Maca abeam Magdalena National Park, destination Puyuhuapi channel.
Departing Puyuhuapi to overfly the Queulat National Park and Queulat Nevado mount then to the north Corcovado gulf and the Pacific Ocean, Melimoy Mount, Chiloe Island and more volcanoes and lakes, like Corcovado, Michinmahuida, Chaiten Volcano, Honopiren National Park, Fjords and water landing in Petrohue Lake on the shoreline of Osorno volcano.

Overflying several volcanoes like Puntiagudo, Osorno Volcano Villarrica, Puyehue, High Elevation Costancia Lake nearby Puyehue Volcano, Choshuenco for a water landing in Villarrica Lake.

A short flight from Villarrica Lake to Pucon airport for customs and border control, then you will fly on Chilean territory over and abeam the Andes range with several volcanoes and the Andes range view from Chilean side until Volcan Peteroa to cross the international border and flying back to Mendoza.

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