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Argentinean Patagonia

Duration: 4 days

Overflying the breathtaking sceneries of the Andes with its volcanos and water landing in the glacier lakes
• Discovering the beautiful region of Lake Pulmari

• Exclusive wine-tasting excursions in Lake Lezama
• Expeditions with local guides

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Argentinean and Chilean Patagonia

Duration: 11 days

Overflying and discovering both parts of Patagonia in Argentina and Chile with the most beautiful landscapes
• Water landings in some of the most pristine and remote lakes of the Andes mountains
• Exploring among other El Calafate, Puerto Natales, Torres de Paines, Glacier San Rafael, Lago Bertrand, Puyuhuapi Termales, Lago Petrohue, Villarrica and Pucon
• A tour enriched with hiking, cycling and boat trips as well as relaxing spa treatments and high-end culinary experiences

Northern Argentina

Duration: 6 days

Overflying the colorful region of the north with its unique landscape mixing with water landings in remote places
• Discovering Valle de la Luna, Salinas Grandes de sal jujuy, Quebrada de Humahuaca, Talampaya and Purmamarca.

Duration: 11 nights
Destinations to visit: we will visit 4 countries,crossing the pantanal shared by Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil; then we will visit the jewels of the beaches in the south of the state of of Santa Catarina (southern Brazil) and we will arrive at the jewel of Uruguay: Punta del Este, to touch Buenos Aires before our return.
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Flying to
the end of the world

Duration: 5 nights
Destinations to visit: we will visit part of the northernPatagonia of Argentina and Chile. A tour through the most beautiful landscapes including the famous 7 lakes of Argentina, volcanoes, beautiful mountains surrounded by forests and Patagonian rivers.


•Private seaplane flight, with two experienced pilots
•Low altitude flying safari and water landings in remote lakes
•Accommodation in lodges with exclusive access by water

Price from US$ 1800 per person per day

*Rate based on 6 passengers. Double occupancy. Itineraries, activities and accommodations are subject to weather conditions and availability. Tailor-made services

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