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Flying to the end of the world

Mountains, sierras, jungle, beaches, cities, deserts and natural wonders unique in the world, united in an itinerary that introduces you to the best of South America.


Day 1

Northern Patagonia of Argentina and Chile (the famous 7 lakes of Argentina)

Day 2

Los Glaciares National Park from the air

Day 3

Ushuaia and Cabo de Hornos (we reached the end of the world

Day 4

Punta Arenas (southern Chile)

Day 5

Drummond Hay Island (overflying the Chilean fjords)

Day 6

Puerto Montt (beautiful Chilean region)

Day 7

Pucón (Chilean Patagonia)

7 nights
San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.

San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.
Destinations to travel to:

We will visit part of the northern Patagonia of Argentina and Chile. A tour through the most beautiful landscapes including the famous 7 lakes of Argentina, volcanoes, beautiful mountains surrounded by forests and Patagonian rivers.

The shortest journey time is 1:08 hours and the longest is 3:20 hours.

San Martin de los Andes: known for being one of the most picturesque towns in Patagonia, in an absolutely incredible setting, between lakes and mountains. Esquel: surrounded by forests and mountains, this paradise is part of a region that includes National Parks, lakes, and natural wonders. Los Glaciares National Park: Imagine being able to fly over the string giants and appreciate the magnitude of these frozen fields over thousands of years. One of the most visited regions in Argentina and the world as no one has ever seen it before: from the air. Ushuaia and Cabo de Hornos: We arrived at the end of the world, the southernmost place of the continent, full of nature, and a stunning scenery. Punta Arenas: is a city and inter-oceanic port in the southern part of Chile. Famous for its architecture and natural environment. Drummond Hay Island: we will fly over the Chilean fjords, undoubtedly one of the most curious geographical phenomena in South America. Puerto Montt: surrounded by lakes and volcanoes, this beautiful region combines nature, gastronomy, adventure and culture. Pucón: one of the most picturesque tourist destinations in the Chilean Patagonia, and undoubtedly a must for an adventure in South American.

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    The base for operations is located in the wine region of San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina

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