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Argentine Patagonia

Fly over the majestic Andes landscapes and dive in the most beautiful lakes in Argentina's Patagonia.

Points of interest: 

Enjoy an exhilarating trip over the spectacular Andes Mountain Range, which lies on the boundary between Chile and Argentina.

The majesty of the Uco Valley, the imposing Maipo Volcano, and the peaceful Laguna del Diamante may all be seen from the air. Consider taking in a panoramic vista of eight volcanoes, each with its unique history and magnificence.

Witness the ethereal beauty of glacier lakes, whose crystalline waters mirror the sky and provide a tranquil setting. Fly over the famous Seven Lakes tour, a magical and beautiful trail that has captured people from all over the world. Prepare for an excursion that will delight your senses and immerse you in nature’s magnificence.

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    The base for operations is located in the wine region of San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina

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